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Driving is, for most people, the most dangerous thing done on a daily basis. In 2017, 1793 people were killed on British roads (one fatality more than in 2016) and 24,831 people were seriously injured – that’s 68 people per day!

From 1997, when 3599 people were killed on our roads, the number steadily fell until 2013 when fatalities were down to 1713. The lowest ever recorded. In the last 4 years the numbers have been fluctuating culminating with the current figure which is the highest since 2011.

We must now move forward and work harder to see the figures continue to fall. Medical care has improved and people are now surviving with serious injuries who may well, 10 years ago, have died. Cars are now safer than ever before and road engineering has helped to improve the roads we drive on, so what is left for us to improve upon? Well, 95% of crashes are caused by driver/.rider error so more education must be the way forward.

There are several educational courses available to drivers, such as Speed Awareness, Drink Driving and What’s Driving Us? – known as WDU. (WDU covers several offences such as failing to stop at red traffic lights and crossing solid white lines). The problem with these courses is that they are only offered to drivers who have already been caught offending.

There are plenty of drivers on British roads taking risks who haven’t been caught and are not able to benefit from these educational courses. Most of the time drivers ‘get away with it’ and getting away with it causes drivers to develop habits.

Alison and her team are dedicated to improving road safety and their training courses are designed with this in mind.


After being in the industry for over 30 years, Alison has gathered many well established and meaningful qualifications making her and her team suitable for many different and diverse situations.

  • Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)
  • Fleet Registered ADI
  • RoSPA Gold
  • IAM
  • C&G 7407 Further Education Teaching for Adults
  • Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement
  • BTEC in Driver Training
  • Certificate in Responding to Substance Misuse
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Alison and her team can offer tailor made presentations and/or on road training as illustrated below. Nothing is out of their remit. Please contact for specific requirements.

  • Occupational Road Risk
  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Business Presentations
  • Advanced On-Road Training
  • Young and New Drivers
  • UK Road Familiarisation
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Alison is located in Surrey and has team members in Kent, Sussex and South London which allows them to access these areas. Contact now to find out what services can be provided to you.

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